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Are you fond of betting on different sports? This is now very common, especially that there are a lot of online betting sites. If the self-restricting app or program you got for yourself is hindering you to enjoy all the betting games from an online betting site, then it is time to find betting sites, not on Gamstop.

Playing on these sites is your best chance to enjoy all the betting games without being restricted or limited. It is a good thing that there are a lot of betting sites not on Gamstop these days. Read on and find out more about these sites.

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How Do We Rate the Best Sports Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

There may be a lot of betting sites that are not on Gamstop. But these sites are not the same. Some may offer more, while others may have less to give to their members and bettors. Therefore, checking on how a betting site rates are important. The ratings show what you can expect from the site. It also shows if they have satisfactorily provided the best services to their bettors and members. There are a few considerations in giving ratings to a betting site. These are:

Variety of Sports not on Gamstop and Events

Betting on sports can be fun if the punters have a lot to choose from. When a betting site features a lot of sports and events, punters will be more interested to keep playing and betting. A betting site that has more varieties in the sports they feature with lots of events to choose from always get higher ratings.

More Payment Options for Betting Sites not on Gamstop UK

A betting site needs to have several payment options offered. This is to let more players and punters place their bets. Limited modes of payment will also limit the number of bettors playing on the site. So, most betting sites try to offer as many payment options as they can. This helps them attract more punters to play on their site.

Promotions and Bonuses for Sports Betting Sites not on Gamstop

Betting sites that offer different promotions and bonuses will always be likable to punters. When bonuses are given out, the bettors are happy. This makes them give high ratings to a betting site. It is therefore important for a betting site to have promotions and bonuses often. This makes the site more fun to join and play in. Some promotions and bonuses can give free bets or added funds. Punters consider these as beneficial gifts and rewards. 

Best UK Betting Sites Not on Gamstop

When choosing a betting site to join, look for the best. You can do this with research. This way, you can avoid low-quality and fraud betting sites. You also get to enjoy the best services from the betting site you will join. Here are some of the best betting sites not on Gamstop.

Hustles Betting not on Gamstop

Hustles Bookie carries all kinds of sports, virtual sports, and Esports to bet on. Punters can have a lot of options on where to place their bets on this site. The site is easy to navigate and has an attractive design. Even the newbie bettors will have an easy time finding their way to a good betting experience.

This site accepts different modes of payments which will allow more punters to play. Best of all, it is abundant with promotions and bonuses. These make this site attractive to punters and non UK casino players. If you are looking for a betting site not limited to live sports, then you should try Hustles non Gamstop Casino.

Black Magic is a Betting site not registered with Gamstop

This Bookie site is popular for its high-quality sports games. But it also carries betting games that punters can enjoy. The game selection that this site has is huge which is why it is flocked by players and bettors. It carries multiple languages and currencies to cater to all players from different countries. The website is user friendly and even beginners will enjoy navigating around. Black Magic Bookmaker is also crypto-friendly. Those who prefer to use digital coins can play on this Betting site. Best of all, it has excellent customer service. It is an all-around sports game that can give players a great betting and gaming experience.

Platinum Club VIP Betting website not on Gamstop

This Curacao licensed betting site has been getting excellent reviews from analysts and experts. It is because of its all-around services to its members. It has betting games, sports betting games to virtual and live games. Though it was just recently launched, it has been getting a lot of attention because of the abundance of promotions and bonuses that it gives out to its members.

It has various payment methods. It also comes in different languages so international players and bettors will feel comfortable playing on the site. Platinum Club VIP is a paypal Casino not on gamstop is one of the new sportsbook sites that has been enjoying great ratings. And with this, its member-base keeps increasing. 

Olympus Play is a betting company not on Gamstop

This betting site features sports games and horse racing not on Gamstop events. It offers tons of games to enjoy. This also has a lot of sports to bet on featuring a lot of events all year round. Olympus Play sportsbook is the best site for cryptocurrency users. It accepts digital currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and many others.

But it also accepts Neteller, Neosurf, and bank transfers. It has lots of promotions in store for its members, especially the new ones. This site is mobile friendly which allows players and punters to play any time they want and anywhere they are. Its simple and attractive design will make you want to play more.

Red Lion Betting site not on Gamstop

This is an ideal site for sports game lovers and sports bettors. It offers good quality games that all of its players will enjoy. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced player, the site’s overall design and functionality are easy to follow and understand. It will give the members good gaming and betting experience.

This site accepts different modes of payment. It also has an abundance of bonuses and promotions. This makes them likable to all players and makes their members stay loyal to them. If you want to play on a site that is reliable, user-friendly, and can give a good betting experience, then you should choose Red Lion Casino which is a malta casino not on gamstop

Types of Betting Sites not Covered by Gamstop

New non Gamstop Sports Betting

There are betting sites that are new in the industry. Therefore, it also offers new games and fresh ideas to attract members and players. New sites can offer new experiences to their members. Players and bettors can easily look for new betting sites to join as there are already a lot of them online.

Live Betting accounts not on Gamstop

Betting sites that offer live betting games are still the most preferred by bettors. Live betting is always exciting and keeps bettors updated with what is happening to the games and their bets. There are quite a few betting sites that offer live betting games. This gives them an edge over the other betting sites.

Mobile Betting sites not Blocked by Gamstop

When a betting site is mobile-friendly, more bettors can play anywhere they are. This allows more bettors to keep betting. Mobile-friendly betting sites offer accessibility, convenience, and availability. Bettors who are always on the go can benefit a lot from a betting site that is mobile-ready and mobile-friendly.

Games to Play at Betting Sites 


Betting sites also have other games offered. Among the favorites of many sports gamers are the slots. Online betting sites have tons of slots games to offer. They have different themes, designs, and rules despite that, give the thrills expected from a slots game. Betting sites can offer even up to hundreds of slots games. 


Bingo sites not on gamstop is another favorite in Bookie and betting sites. Players love the excitement that this game offers. The attractive designs even make the game more lovable. There are also different themes and mechanics offered when you play bingo in an online Bookie or betting site. 


Card game lovers always pick poker not on Gamstop. This has been a well-loved game way before there are online sports betting sites. And now with online betting and Bookie sites, poker remains to be a favorite. This popular game is exciting as players need to use smart strategies to outwit the banker and other poker players.

Advantages of Betting Sites not Blocked by Gamstop

It is uninteresting to play sports betting when you know that your chances and games will be limited because of a self-restricting app or program. Punters who would love to keep betting and enjoying the game choose betting sites that are not on Gamstop.

This allows bettors to have unlimited betting games. It also allows them to enjoy all the perks, games, and bonuses offered by the betting site. Betting sites not on Gamstop permits all players to play even those who have subscribed to self-restricting programs like Gamstop. It gives them the fun and enjoyment they wish to have from a betting site.

Disadvantages of Football Betting Sites not on Gamstop

The biggest drawback of playing in betting sites not on Gamstop is that it is prone to making one addicted to betting. Uncontrolled betting can give a lot of gambling problems, especially to someone who does not know how to limit their betting.

This causes debt, stress, and overspending in gambling. When you decide to play on a betting site that is not on Gamstop you need to make sure that you are responsible enough to know when to stop. This way, gambling problems can be avoided and you will just have a great betting experience from the site. 

Payment Methods at Non Gamstop Sports Betting Sites

The payment methods accepted in the different betting sites that are not on Gamstop may vary. Some offer more payment options. While others have limited modes of payment. For bettors, it is important to join a betting site that accepts different payment methods.

This way, they have a lot of choices how to fund their accounts. It is also good to choose betting sites that offer secure payment methods. Among the common payment methods accepted in non-Gamstop betting sites are:

  • Credit card 
  • Debit card
  • Paypal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Trustly
  • ecoPayz
  • web money wallet
  • Pay by phone 
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Digital currencies
  • Prepaid vouchers

Licenses at Sports Betting Sites not on Gamstop UK

Online betting sites, even those that are not on Gamstop should get their licenses to operate and offer gambling games to their members. Betting sites that have no licenses and permits are illegal and will have liabilities to the government. There are many licenses that online gambling sites can get. However, the license to get will rely on the location where the site is based.

Betting sites can have licenses from the UKGC or the UK Gambling Commission. This applies to betting sites based in the UK. Another one is the Curacao e-Gambling Licensing Authority license. This is one of the most reliable licenses for online betting sites. Each country has its jurisdiction with online gambling. Aside from the licenses, the betting sites need to ensure that it is legal to operate gambling in their location. This is to avoid any troubles with the government and law. 

How to Tell the Difference between Reputable Online Betting Sites not on Gamstop and Fraud

Not all betting sites not on gamstop are reputable and legit. It is important to know which betting sites are reputable and worth joining. First, betting sites become reputable and reliable when they can show their licenses and permits. This means that they are legit and may offer gambling games. A reputable betting site is also well recommended by bettors and analysts. This shows that the site is already trusted in the industry.

The betting site also needs to offer legit and secured payment options. They cannot offer sketchy modes of payments as this will put risk to the accounts of their members. And last, when a betting site has tons of members even when they are only new in the industry shows that they have a good reputation. Any signs of sketchy offers and actions should be red flags of fraudulent sites. These should be avoided to avoid experiencing cybercrimes.

Bonuses at UK Sports Betting Sites not on Gamstop

It is common for betting sites not on Gamstop to offer bonuses to bettors and members. This is to reward their loyal members and attract new members to keep playing. The bonuses given by betting sites may offer free games, free bets, or added funds. Therefore, punters love receiving bonuses from betting sites. The bonuses offered by betting sites may vary. Some sites may have more bonuses than others. The usual bonuses that you can find on most betting sites are:

Welcome Bonus at betting sites that aren’t on gamstop

They give this to bettors who are new to the betting site. This is like a welcome gift to them. 

Deposit Match Bonus for betting sites not using Gamstop

Betting sites will set a percentage on the deposits made by the bettors. Once they have reached the set percent, the bettor will get a bonus.

Free Bets at betting sites that don’t use gamstop

This is very common in betting sites. Sometimes, free bets are given randomly. It is also possible to get free bets bonus when the bettor keeps winning. 

Free Games

Some betting sites promote the other games that they offer aside from the betting games. To get more players to play other games offered, they give out free games bonuses to their punters. 

Football Betting sites not on Gamstop FAQ

1. What betting sites are not on gamstop?

There are already a lot of betting sites that opt not to be on Gamstop. Among these are Red Lion Bookie, Royal Oak Betting site, BetNow, Hustles Bookmaker, Harry’s Sportsbook, Fortune Clock Sportsbook, and many others. These sites accept punters even those who have self-restricting program subscriptions. This allows all players to enjoy the games offered by the site.

2. Is RTP different on all betting sites not on gamstop?

The RTP or Return to Player percentage differs in all betting sites not on gamstop. The RTP may also have different numbers based on the games offered. These betting sites can change the RTP of any game they offer. They can change this any time they want to. It is important to know the RTP of the betting site before playing.

3. What Is The Best Betting Site No GamStop Strategy?

Betting, especially on live sports, can be addicting. The best strategy to use when playing in betting sites not on gamstop is to put the smallest bets. Betting low amounts can give more games and avoid bankruptcy. This also prevents one from playing limited games just because they ran out of funds.

4. How to Avoid Bad Streaks at betting sites not on Gamstop

Bad streaks are common in the game of betting. When you have been going through consecutive losses, then stop. Betting can be a game of luck, but if you strategize well, you can avoid losses. Make sure that you study and analyze the games, players, statistics, and standings. This will help you know where to put your bets. 

5. Are all betting sites on Gamstop scheme?

There are a lot of betting sites that are not on gamstop scheme. Some betting sites opt not to be on gamstop because more bettors do not want the self-restricting features. With this, betting sites can attract more members when they are not under gamstop. 

6. Is it safe to play at Betting sites not under GamStop?

When the bookie or betting site has the needed licenses and permits, then it is safe to play in it. This means that it may offer gambling games to online users. It is important to find betting sites that are licensed and legit.

7. Is it legal to join betting sites not signed up with GamStop?

Yes, as long as the site is legit, it is also legal to join a bookie and betting site even when they are not signed with Gamstop. Some countries do not require Gamstop or other self-restricting programs in gambling sites. This allows them to operate even without Gamstop. 

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