How to Get Around Gamstop

Some punters enrolled themselves in the gamstop program but ended up wanting to get around it to play more casino gambling. Well, if you are one of them, you do not have to worry about getting around gamstop because there are ways that you can do about it. Although the purpose of gamstop is good as it prevents punters from excessive gambling. It sets control over the gambling and spending of a person. But if you do not want it anymore, you can find sites that will help you get around gamstop. This article will help you learn the ways to get around Gamstop easily. Read on.

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How do we rate the best sites that help you get around gamstop?

There are different sites that claim to help punters get around gamstop. It is important to join sites that get good ratings to ensure that they can truly help you out with your aim to avoid gamstop restrictions. The ratings are based on different factors. These are:

There are no exceptions

When the site says that they help punters get around gamstop, this should mean everyone. It should not exclude any players, even those who have subscribed to gamstop. The site should allow all players who want to play to get unlimited games as long as they want.


The site that says that they can help punters get around gamstop should truly provide this service effectively. This means that punters should not experience any pauses or limits to their gaming. The site should be effective enough in providing punters non-stop gambling.

Full access to the site

Punters who want to use gamstop should have full access to everything the site has to offer.If they offer abundant games and bonuses, then the punters should be getting all of them. This is regardless of whether the player is under gamstop or not. The main point is that the punter wants to get around gamstop to enjoy everything that the site offers.

How to get around gamstop?

There are different ways to get around gamstop. It is just important to know which are effective to try.

Register at non-gamstop casino sites

If you want to get around gamstop and still use your identity while playing, then you just need to look for non-gamstop casinos. These casinos not under gamstop will not set limits on the gambling of their punters. Gamstop has no control over the site, and this gives punters unlimited time and play. Bypassing gamstop through non-gamstop casinos will disregard your subscription to the self-exclusion program. Identifying non-Gamstop casinos and joining them is one of the simplest ways to evade the Gamstop program. If you really miss gambling, this is one of the finest ways to get around Gamstop.

You do not have to worry about looking for online casinos that are not on gamstop. It is because there are already a lot of them online. More and more punters are looking for ways to fully enjoy online gambling and not be limited by restrictions. You can start your search for reliable non-gamstop casinos and make sure that you only join licensed ones. You can also rely on reviews and feedback so you know which sites are worth joining, especially if you want to bypass gamstop.

Register at casinos that do not require verification

There are casinos that do not require registration and verification. In other words, you just go to the site, deposit in your preferred way, and then play the games. Most crypto sites are no-verification casinos. In this case, Bitcoin casinos are a perfect choice because they use anonymous transaction methods. These operators similarly provide the same casino games; the only difference is the mode of payment. Aside from the fact that they do not need to verify any information from you, they are also not under gamstop. This brings you the opportunity to keep playing without limits. Gamstop does not have any control over these sites.

Looking for crypto casino sites these days is easy. There are already a lot of them available online. You just need to do a good research on the different crypto sites before joining to ensure that you will have a safe gambling experience. More non UK casinos like these are popping up over the internet because many punters do not want to go through any restrictions when gambling. Also, more and more people are already using digital currencies for their transactions. This makes it easy for you to locate the right no verification crypto casino to join.

Register a friend or family member not under the gamstop program

Since your name is registered under gamstop, you will not be allowed to play casinos due to its restrictions on gambling. In order for you to get around gamstop, you can use somebody else’s name to register on a casino site. The name to be registered should not be registered with any self-restricting programs or applications like gamstop. And of course, they need to know that you will be using their name for the registration.

You can ask a friend or a family member if you can use their name when registering for an online casino. It is important to also inform them that you have to use their bank details or payment information for the deposit and withdrawals. The registered name should match the payment details that you will use. This is why this should be clear to the one that you will ask for a favor from.

If they agree, then you can play non gamstop casino without thinking of the restrictions that gamstop has put on you. It is just as important not to overspend and gamble because you are putting your friends or family member’s name at risk. Make sure that you are registering at a licensed and legit casino site to prevent scammers and hackers from victimizing the information that you will be putting into the site.

Play at land-based casinos

Gamstop only applies to online casinos, not those in land based casinos. Registering at a traditional casino is also an option if you want to get back on the slots and tables and are ready to put in the work. Keep in mind that there is no limit in land-based casinos. As long as you have the money to spend, you can keep playing. Of course, you will not get the convenience of playing at home and at any time you want. But it will not restrict you from enjoying casino games. Keep in mind that once you arrive at a traditional casino, you should exert control over your gambling. This will prevent you from overspending and developing a gambling addiction.

This is a good step if you really want to play slots and poker all you want. Though you have to go out and travel to get to the nearest land based casino, the effort to get around gamstop will not be too much for you to handle. However, though you can play non-stop at traditional casinos, it is still important that you practice responsible gambling. This way, you will never have to deal with restrictions again.

Wait for your gamstop contract to end

Being patient is the last choice available to a gambler as a last resort. This will only be available if none of the preceding methods are applicable in the Gamstop Scheme. To be able to regain your status, the term that has been classified as either 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years must come to a conclusion first. You can only play free games without using real money during this period. Once the time period has passed, you will be able to resume your former gambling habits, allowing you to access the casino sites that you had previously blocked.

This is your safest and most legit way to get rid of gamstop restrictions. Besides, you enrolled in gamstop for a reason. Therefore, you must adhere to it until the program ends. Before the end of your contract with gamstop, you can inform them right away not to renew your subscription. This way, you will not get into a new contract with them. Once your contract with gamstop ends, you can then start enjoying your gambling life again without limits.

If you are still thinking of getting a gamstop contract, make sure that you take the shortest time. This way, you do not have to wait too long before it expires.

Pros and cons of getting around gamstop

Getting around gamstop will give different pros and cons for any punter. Knowing these will help you weigh your options whether to bypass gamstop or not.


Your gaming chances will skyrocket once you decide to quit the Gamstop site. Many foreign gaming sites will suddenly become available for you to try. You will enjoy unrestricted access to the best online casinos. Everything that the casino site offers can be right in front of you once you bypass gamstop. There are more opportunities to win and enjoy when you have been successful in getting around gamstop. Aside from the games that you can enjoy, you will also be entitled to all the bonuses and perks that the site can offer. 


Gambling addiction is always the drawback of not playing under gamstop. The worst thing that may happen to gamblers is that they revert to the old habits that they had hoped to avoid. For many gamers, getting around Gamstop means waiting with bated breath to bet with the same zeal and regularity as previously. This can also lead to debts, overspending and financial stress. If you get out of Gamstop, you will very certainly be able to secure another short or long-term loan. If this is your first debt, things get even worse. Getting your balance back to zero can appear to be an unattainable goal. 


How to get around gamstop?

The best ways to get around gamstop are listed above. If you are still reluctant to do so, you can research further into the ways to bypass gamstop and choose the most applicable method for you to use. 

How to remove gamstop?

You can only remove gamstop when you let the contract expire. As long as you are under the gamstop contract, there will be tough ways to get around it. To remove it permanently, you can cancel it before it expires. 

Is it safe to remove gamstop?

If you had gambling problems in the past, then removing gamstop may not be the best decision. Getting around gamstop and going back to unlimited gambling may put you in a stressful situation again. 

Do I need to cancel gamstop? 

The decision to cancel gamstop is completely up to you. You can assess whether you have control over your gambling habits. If you feel that you might give in to gambling addiction again, it is best to subscribe to gamstop again.

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